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Miranda Kerr beauty tips

First off, how do you maintain your flawless complexion? 
Carry a water bottle wherever you go so that you remember to stay hydrated throughout the day. Use quality organic skincare on your skin as everything you put on your skin is absorbed into the body. Keep a spray mist handy so you can spritz when needed to keep skin hydrated. And finally, do not underestimate the importance of organic rosehip oil and eye gel.

What are your tips on keeping beautifully groomed brows? 
Best to find someone you can trust and then continue to use them rather than experiment. I say that from experience

What was the inspiration behind starting your own beauty line? 
I am an advocate for living a healthy and organic life and I have been modelling for over a decade. In that time I have travelled extensively and tried skincare products from all over the world. I could never quite find the quality organic skincare I was looking for so I decided to create my own — not only for me but for others to experience first-hand the benefits of using healthy organic skincare.

If you could recommend one product to buy to rush out and buy, what would it be? 
The Kora Rosehip Oil which is versatile and has powerful regenerative qualities that are of benefit to everyone.

What is your favourite way to keep in shape? 
Yoga. It is a workout and mediation session all in one.

What is your signature scent? 
Sandalwood essential oil.

How do you like to unwind and shake off the stress of your hectic schedule? 
I like to read, listen to music and then maybe treat myself to a massage at home.

What is one piece of advice you’ve been given and couldn’t have done without? 
All we have is now. Be grateful and be present. Live a lifetime in every minute. Don’t fret about tomorrow, it may never come. Don’t live in the past as it has long gone.

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